This Graphic Shows the Difference Between Type-A and Type-B Dieting Struggles

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Reading your horoscope can be fun, but your personality type says far more about who you are than your zodiac sign does. And nutrition and fitness coach Jessi Jean shared why it’s important to understand your personality type when it comes to identifying and overcoming dieting obstacles in particular.

“All personality types have their strengths and weaknesses and what I’ve found to be true is that learning to integrate characteristics from both A and B will help you THRIVE and experience long-term success, balance, freedom, and abundance in your health and fitness,” she wrote in her caption. “Remember, your personality strengths are your SUPER POWERS! But they can also be your greatest downfall if not used in conjunction with their counterparts – i.e.: discipline thrives in conjunction flexibility, highly competitive thrives in conjunction with patience, peanut butter thrives in conjunction with jelly.”


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Here are the differences between both personalities from Jessi’s Instagram graphic:

Dieting Struggles of a Type-A

Flexibility is a challenge.
Anxious when not in control.
All-or-nothing mindset.
Driven by progress.

Dieting Struggles of a Type-B

Consistency is a challenge.
Anxious when challenge arises.
Laid-back mindset.
Driven by feelings.

Jessi continued to explain how identifying both your strengths and weaknesses and being open to improvement can help you achieve balance. Which personality are you?

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