A Trainer Shares an Exclusive 12-Week Program to Help You Lose Weight – Let’s Get Started!

When you’re starting off on a weight-loss journey, it can feel overwhelming to know how to proceed. But we’ve got you! Ridge Davis, a personal trainer in West Hollywood, CA, put together an exclusive weight-loss plan for POPSUGAR, and there’s no way you won’t get fit AF if you follow his directions.

“This plan is super easy for a beginner to navigate in the gym. It only requires dumbbells and a cable machine,” Ridge told us. “Also, all the workouts last about 45 minutes and incorporate 10 minutes of core activation, 10 minutes of HIIT cardio, and 30 to 35 minutes of fundamental strength training. This combination is perfect for beginners because it develops both their cardiovascular systems and gets them acquainted with strength training in a nonintimidating way.”

Sounds pretty good to us! This weight-loss program lasts for 12 weeks and is comprised of three four-week cycles, so you can take it slow and steady. No need to rush. “The first cycle will probably feel the most shocking because it is going to require their body to use many muscles they haven’t worked before,” Ridge told POPSUGAR. “Also, the HIIT cardio component of the workouts will raise their heart rate and build a solid metabolism. Each cycle builds in weight and complexity.”


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Ridge warns that you might feel hungrier as the program progresses because you “need to eat more to fuel your quicker metabolism.” That’s a good thing, though. “With this faster metabolism, you will see weight loss start happening,” he said. “The second cycle takes it up a notch by more challenging HIIT cardio and a little more circuits added in the strength portion. Energy levels will be higher, and you will be excited to keep this momentum up! By this point, you will start seeing and feeling your body change. The third cycle will be the toughest, but you will look and feel like a badass with the change in your body, inside and out.”

Keep in mind that your diet is just as important. Steer clear of packaged and processed foods (sorry, sugar and diet soda!), and stick to whole, natural foods. Make sure you’re getting plenty of protein to help you stay strong and build all the lean muscle you need.

The Weekly Schedule

As you go through these cycles, Ridge says your workout schedule will stay the same. You’ll alternate between Program A and Program B from each cycle. This is what your week will look like:

Monday: Program A
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: Program B
Thursday: Rest
Friday: Program A
Saturday: Program B
Sunday: Rest

Keep in mind that each program has a few different workouts within it, so read them carefully before you get started. See ahead for all the movements. You’ll need a pair of dumbbells (you’ll see these exercises noted as DB), a mini resistance band, and a cable machine, which you can likely find at your gym. Let’s get to work!


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