Work Your Entire Body With This Intense 14-Minute Plank and Lunge Workout

Get ready to work your arms, upper back, core, legs, and butt with this plank and lunge tabata workout. Tabata is a type of workout that involves 20 seconds of high-intensity work (going as quickly and intensely as you can!) followed by 10 seconds of rest, repeated eight times with eight different exercises for a total of four minutes.

In this workout, you’ll alternate between plank and lunge variations. It’s only 20 seconds of work each time, so push yourself hard! This workout just involves basic bodyweight moves, which means you can do it anywhere.

The Workout:

Directions: Repeat this four-minute workout a total of three times, taking a one-minute rest between each round, for a total of 14 minutes.

20 seconds plank jacks, 10 seconds rest
20 seconds forward backward lunges, 10 seconds rest
20 seconds side-plank leg lifts (10 seconds per side), 10 seconds rest
20 seconds alternating side lunges, 10 seconds rest
20-second plank with bunny hop, 10 seconds rest
20 seconds reverse lunges and kicks (10 seconds per side), 10 seconds rest
20 seconds up-down planks, 10 seconds rest
20 seconds split lunge jumps, 10 seconds rest
One-minute rest

Repeat two more times.

Descriptions of how to do each move are ahead.


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