Short on Time? Grab a Pair of Dumbbells For This Fat-Blasting Full-Body Workout

If you’re on your way home from work and you just don’t feel like doing an hour-long group fitness class, we’ve got the answer. Either set up in your living room or go to your local gym and grab a pair of eight- to 12-pound dumbbells, because this full-body workout is going to help you reach your goals, whether you’re trying to lose weight or get stronger.

This exclusive workout was created by Dee (Diksha) Gautham, NASM-certified personal trainer and NPC bikini competitor. “This is a great full-body workout because it involves primarily compound moves – moves that work multiple muscles at once,” she told POPSUGAR. “This means you will burn a lot of calories with each movement, which will help you shed fat and tone up.”

“It also includes all the major movement patterns in the gym: squat, hinge, press, pull, lunge, and twist,” Dee explained. “Doing all these moves will help you build a balanced, proportional, and toned physique.”


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Ready to get to work? There are five different exercises on the agenda:

Squat to overhead press
Dumbbell deadlift
Alternating dumbbell lunge with a biceps curl
Dumbbell bent-over row
Russian twist

Directions: After warming up with five minutes of light cardio, do 12 to 15 reps for each exercise, then move onto the next one and follow the same format; do four sets total. Take about 60 seconds of rest between sets.

Keep reading for detailed descriptions of each exercise.


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