2 Training Techniques That Will Transform Your Hamstrings

When I started my fitness journey, I loved training my legs and glutes. With very few mobility issues and strong quads, I killed every workout that included squats and deadlifts. Lucky me? Not quite. What bothered me was that I always had nonexistent hamstrings, and the prospect of muscular imbalances quickly developing from my love of squats and deadlifts freaked me out. I had to figure out a solution for my lagging hamstrings.

While I had the strength-training component down, I found that plyometrics was the missing piece. Since I knew from research that hamstrings are made up of mostly fast-twitch muscle fibers (the kind that responds to heavy weights and fast movements), and as the wannabe scientist that I am, I experimented and combined the two concepts. What do you know? I started seeing a dramatic change within a few weeks.

Here’s how I did it: I completed one heavy set of a hamstring exercise, then followed it up with plyometric movement. At the end of it, if I was walking out of the gym with heavy legs, I knew I trained them just right. I strongly recommend trying it for yourself and with different combinations. Pairing the following exercises together is my favorite combo.


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