I Worked Out With a Trainer For 30 Days, and Honestly, It Changed My Life

If there’s a group fitness studio or innovative exercise class in New York City, I’ve tried it. Likely more than once. I much prefer workout classes to planning my own regimen – which, if I’m being honest, might mean playing on my phone at the gym instead of actually lifting weights.

I’ve taken everything from HIIT to aqua cycling, but as many times as I’ve stepped up to a barre or snapped my cycling shoes into a stationary bike, I had never tried personal training – that is, until recently. Curious what it would be like to work out one-on-one instead of alongside 50 other people, I decided to shake up my routine.

For 30 days, I trained at PERFORMIX House, an exclusive, full-service gym and creative studio in Manhattan. My one-hour sessions were guided by two of its founding trainers, Meghan Hayden and Gabe Snow. I thought I’d simply gain some muscle, learn some new moves, and check out a cool new gym (I did). But I took more away from the experience than I could have imagined. Here are the changes I’ve noticed along the way.


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