I Drank Ginger Tea Every Day For 1 Week to Stay Warm, and These Were the Results

These days, I’m always wearing a full-length Winter coat, along with a sweatshirt, a fleece hat, a scarf, thick knee-high socks, slippers, and pants – underneath my other pants. This is pretty normal for me. I’m cold all the time. It’s definitely a circulation issue, as I also suffer from Raynaud’s disease, where a few of my fingers turn white when my hands get cold. Fun stuff.

I heard that ginger has warming properties that could improve circulation and help prevent you from feeling cold all day. Ginger is a magical root, known to also help with digestion and soothe a sore throat, so if ginger could help me shed my layers indoors, I was all for it.

What I Did

I picked up some fresh ginger root, steeped a few slices in hot water, and drank fresh ginger tea every morning and every evening after dinner for a week. Compared to the ginger tea you buy in tea bags at the store, the flavor of fresh ginger tea is so much sharper and more vibrant – in a good way. So I looked forward to my two cups each day.


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What Happened

Cupping my hands around the hot mug and sipping the steamy liquid definitely warmed me up from the inside out, even if for just a few minutes. But that happens with any hot beverage I drink. The flavor was a tad spicy, and that bite settled and lingered in my mouth for a few minutes. But I sadly didn’t experience any magical warming powers of ginger that prevented me from feeling cold all day or made me want to strip down to a tank top. Nope. The layers remained.

What Now?

Although sipping fresh ginger tea didn’t have the effect I had hoped for, I figured out a new method to warm me up when I’m feeling chilly: I do one minute of intense exercise. We’re talking burpees, squats, push-ups, jumping rope, dumbbell thrusters, plank jacks, or running up and down my stairs. It’s guaranteed to get my blood flowing, and a warm glow pulses through my torso and down every limb. It’s way faster, cheaper, and more effective than preparing a fresh mug of ginger tea. Plus, it makes me stronger and burns a few extra calories!

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