Ignite Your Abdominal Muscles With This 4-Move Core-Strengthening Workout

If you’ve already mastered essential core-strengthening exercises like the plank, you may be looking to upgrade your ab routine with a workout that will ignite your abdominal muscles. If that’s the case, you’re in the right spot.

Adding weight to ab exercises requires you to stabilize your abdominal muscles even more while putting those muscles under tension, which will help strengthen them. The more consistent you are with adding weighted ab exercises into your routine, the higher your chances of being able to see your abdominal muscles, if that’s what you’re after.

Also, as a friendly reminder, ab exercises alone don’t burn belly fat. If your goal is to lower your body fat percentage, which is essential to seeing your abs, you’re going to need to exercise (strength training is key), make sure your nutrition is on point, get quality sleep, and do recovery work.

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The 4-Move Weighted Ab Workout

Grab one dumbbell or a medicine ball before getting started. If you’re a beginner, use no more than 10 pounds or omit the weight entirely. If you’re more advanced, use a minimum of 10 pounds; just make sure your form doesn’t fall apart. Complete one set of each exercise without taking any breaks. After you’ve completed one round, take one minute of rest. Repeat for a total of four rounds.

Weighted straight-leg crunch: 20 reps
Seated Russian twist: 10 reps
Medicine ball slam: 15 reps
Bottoms-up kettlebell carry: 20 steps (each arm)

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