Kiss Your Extra Pounds Goodbye, Because This Workout Is Gonna Get Rid of Them For Good

Belly fat might be the most stubborn fat of all. How can you beat it? There are a lot of reasons you may have a few more pounds around your middle than you’d like, but the key to beating it is consistent, smart training and nutrition. We reached out to Sarah Chadwell, NASM, CPT, and natural bikini competitor, for some solid advice, and she told us that the matter of belly fat boils down to three burning questions:

Is there a way to target belly fat?

What can I do to expedite fat loss?

What are the best exercises for losing belly fat?

Can I Target Belly Fat or Any Specific Areas of Fat?

Unfortunately, the simple answer is no. Chadwell told POPSUGAR: “Think of your body fat like an ice cube sitting on a counter top. It’s one solid chunk that has to melt away in layers from the outside down to the center. Your body fat works much the same way. You have to melt fat from all over down to the muscles.”

What Can I Do to Expedite Fat Loss?

If you want a leaner middle, you’ve got to eat clean at least 85 percent of the time. This rule was hammered home by Chadwell, who said, “There is literally no way to out-exercise the fork. If you consistently eat crap, do not expect your body to repay you in kind. The fat is simply going to stay put.”

What Are the Best Exercises For Losing Belly Fat?

When you first start exercising, you’ll probably get results by just sauntering around the block with your neighbor gossiping. However, Chadwell told us that “at some point you’ll plateau and the stubborn fat is still circling your midsection. The walking does help you build cardiovascular endurance, but now it’s time to start scorching the fat with more intense-style workouts.”

With that in mind, here are the very best moves you need to try to burn off the belly for good! You can thank us later.

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