Keep Tabs on the Wellness World With These Health and Fitness Podcasts

When Self announced it was discontinuing its print edition in 2016, former fitness editor and Hurdle podcast host Emily Abbate needed to find a new outlet for her creativity. “I was sitting on my couch one day chatting with a girlfriend when I said the sentence, ‘I just want to get over this hurdle.’ And suddenly, it all clicked,” Emily told POPSUGAR. “I wanted to connect with big names in the industry to hear about how they got to where they are and the hurdles they’ve conquered along the way.”

The first official episode of Hurdle went live on New Year’s Eve 2017. It discussed Emily’s own “hurdle moment” that kick-started a 70-pound weight-loss journey in college. Now, 40 episodes later, she said she hopes people will find inspiration “to be better” with just one listen.

Hurdle, though unique in its own right, is not alone in the realm of fitness podcasts that promise to motivate and inform. It’s one thing to stay fit, but to stay fit while keeping up on wellness news and trends can be a daunting task. That’s where podcasts come in. Some shows, like FoundMyFitness, spend a lot of time delving into studies on health and how the body works. Others are sport-specific, like the running-focused Morning Shakeout. Ahead, we’ve compiled a handful of shows that provide insight from pro athletes, trainers, and nutritionists alike. Whether you’re into weightlifting, racing, or clean eating (or all three!), you’ll find something on this list for you and your fitness journey.


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