The Best Thing Since Avocado Toast: Avocado Chips (and They’re Gluten-Free!)

Avocados are high in healthy fats that help promote weight loss and keep us fuller for longer. They’re also famous on social media for their picture-perfect appearance (most notably when spread on toast). This fruit (yes, fruit) is the celebrity of brunch menus, and if you’re obsessed, you’ll be happy to know that one company is making it possible to enjoy them with a lot of extra crunch. AvoLov offers avocado chips in three flavors: Pink Himalayan Salt, Sriracha, and Chili and Lime. These dried green triangles are gluten-free and vegan – and ready to make your next snack totally spectacular.

According to the AvoLov website, like all of its products, these chips start with “hand pealed and pitted, fresh” Hass avocados that are then dehydrated using “low temperature, proprietary drying technology,” which “preserves all the superfood nutrients and creamy flavor.” Along with Hass avocados, they’re made with simple ingredients: tapioca flour, sea salt, and seasoning, the company wrote on Instagram. And the best part? These chips aren’t fried: “All the oils in the chips are the natural oils from the avocado.”

Nutritional facts are limited, though AvoLov’s Instagram highlights reveal that each bag contains between 185 and 190 calories. They’re advertised as being free of sugar and rich in fiber and potassium. While you can buy AvoLov’s avocado powder on Amazon, it appears that the chips were only sold on Amazon for a limited time when they first launched on Cinco de Mayo 2018. AvoLov founder and CEO Eric Healy told POPSUGAR that they’re now available at select Whole Foods in the following states: Kentucky, Maryland, New Jersey (Marlton and Princeton only), Pennsylvania, Ohio, Virginia, Washington DC, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, and Wisconsin. You can also purchase them online via the AvoLov site for $5 a bag. Will these rise to fame as quickly as avocado toast? We bet yes.


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