Video: Demi Lovato Is Sorry (Not Sorry) About Punching Out Her Trainer’s Tooth

Demi Lovato is such a freaking badass. After knocking out THE Sylvester Stallone in the boxing ring, Lovato has proved she knows how to throw a punch. And, in an Instagram post on Tuesday, the fit, Fabletics star slipped on her boxing gloves once again – and accidentally punched out her trainer’s tooth! “Holy sh*t I literally knocked @jayglazer’s tooth out during training this morning – while he was wearing a mouth piece!!!!” Lovato captioned the video. “Hahahahaha sorry (not sorry) Jay!!! 😂😝👊🏼 So coach, when’s my first fight?! 😝 #unbreakableperformance.” Talk about confident!

In the adorable video, Jay Glazer, a well-known trainer and mixed martial artist, smiles as he holds up his now-missing tooth next to an apologetic-looking Lovato, who’s still wearing the blue boxing gloves that caused the knockout. But Glazer has the best reaction to losing a tooth and rings the “Unbreakable” bell – probably only used for the most exceptional training moments – to remind the whole gym that Lovato knows how to box.


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The singer goes on to apologize, but even Glazer has heard “Sorry Not Sorry,” and he knows what’s up. In a supercute moment at the end of the video, Lovato and Glazer share a hug and a laugh. But, honestly, just watch the video for yourself, because it’s surprisingly cute . . . considering that a man lost a tooth.

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