Halle Berry Shared a 4-Move Sculpting Cardio Tire Workout – It’s Going to Torch Your Muscles

It’s been a while since Halle Berry shared a workout with us on Instagram, but that all changed today. For this Fitness Friday, Halle completely switched it up on us and showed us that you can do a workout with almost anything. Instead of dumbbells, Halle decided to use a tire – she and her trainer Peter found it in a junkyard – to get a heart-pumping workout.

“This week we bring out one of my favorite toys . . . the giant tire,” she said in her Instagram caption. “Not only do tire workouts effectively challenge you, bringing out the badass warrior that you are, they are the perfect way to work on both physique AND cardio,” she wrote. If scouring through your local junkyard doesn’t sound fun, we’re sure you can find a tire or two to use at your local gym.


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Halle Berry‘s Four-Move Tire Workout

Tire plyo jump: 20 reps
Triceps dip and kick: 20 reps
Jump in and over: 20 reps
Squat and jump: 20 reps


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