If You’re Short on Time, Try This Trainer’s Quick and Intense Ab-Sculpting Workout

In my opinion, there’s nothing better than doing an ab workout that leaves your muscles feeling sore in the best way possible. As much as I love training abs, I don’t believe you have to spend countless hours doing exercises like crunches for a strong core. (Please don’t do this! Crunches are bad for your back.)

Instead, I prefer to keep my ab work short and simple. If I’m strength training, I’ll start with a few core-activating exercises before a workout. When I am not lifting weights and just want to do a core-specific routine, I’ll make a circuit with a few of my favorite bodyweight ab exercises.

This workout won’t take long to do, and you’re bound to feel your core light up after the first round.

The Quick and Intense Ab Workout

One of the best parts about this workout is that you can do it absolutely anywhere. Perform the listed amount of reps for each exercise, and take 30 seconds of rest once you’ve completed all four exercises. Repeat for a total of four rounds.

Bird dog: 10 reps
Plank with alternating arm and leg raise: 12 reps
Seated knee tuck: 10 reps for beginners, 20 reps for intermediate/advanced levels
Side plank leg lift: 10 reps on each side


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