Add This Simple Piece of Exercise Equipment to Your Planks to Sculpt a Strong Core

Planks work the deepest parts of your abs, so they really do rock you to your core. And, if one person knows how to up the intensity on a plank, it’s The Sculpt Society founder and ACE-certified personal trainer Megan Roup. She also has a dance degree from NYU’s Tisch School of The Arts, and after taking The Sculpt Society class sponsored by Propel Vitamin Boost, I spoke with her about the one thing she uses to make these exercises more challenging. Here’s her secret: sliders.

“I love a plank, just because it’s really a full-body movement, but you’re obviously feeling your core the most. I think they’re so effective,” Megan told POPSUGAR. “Adding a slider to a functional exercise, like a plank, just creates a more advanced exercise, which I love.” In the class I took, we used two sliders, one on each foot, for multiple planks variations. But you can opt for socks or a towel if you don’t have any sliders on hand. Or if you’re working out on carpet, you can use paper plates. Ahead, check out seven moves you can do with sliders, straight from Megan. Note: she said to repeat three rounds of these exercises for a quick core circuit.


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