I Was Overeating After Dinner Until I Started Doing This 1 Simple Thing

I love being in the kitchen. I should – I mean, I’m always there. I love to bake and meal prep on Sundays. I enjoy making the kids a nutritious breakfast every morning. I love perusing through my vegan cookbooks and creating healthy dinners. And I even love filling the fun little multicompartment containers for my kids’ school lunches for the next day.

Nourishing myself and my family through food is so important and special to me, but sometimes I feel like food is the one thing I think about the most. No wonder I find myself hanging out in the kitchen after dinner, standing in front of our snack cabinet or fridge, wanting to nosh even though I’m totally satisfied.

Eating after dinner became a very bad habit that has not only contributed to weight gain, but it made me become so uncomfortably full that I’d be incredibly bloated. I’d feel too blah to play with my kids and ended up not sleeping well.

Something had to change for me to stop overeating after dinner. Now I make lunches for the kids while making dinner, so after finishing my meal, I won’t be tempted to mindlessly nosh on grapes or spoonfuls of peanut butter. And then after dinner, I started doing this one thing after doing the dishes – I got myself the heck out of the kitchen. Here are the three ways that I got a change of scenery to get food out of sight and off my brain.


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