Interested in Signing Up For the Noom App? Here’s How Much It Will Cost

You’ve probably seen the ads for the weight-loss app Noom on your social media pages. The app promises to help you “stop dieting” and achieve “life-long results.” Yes, the app includes a food log, calorie tracker, and activity tracker to help you stay within a daily calorie budget and encourage you to exercise. But it also includes help from a one-on-one coach, an interactive group of other Noomers on their weight-loss journeys (similar to a private Facebook Group), and daily articles based on scientific research to help you change your habits and achieve weight-loss success.

Noom was created with the help of registered dietitians, and it works – just check out these women who all lost weight with Noom. I myself have been doing Noom for the past five months and have lost 15 pounds. I personally find it incredibly easy to use and didn’t change much about my lifestyle: I still regularly go out and socialize with friends, enjoy my Aperol spritzes, and eat meals out. I am just more mindful of my daily portions and overall calorie count.

But Noom isn’t free. In fact, it requires a pretty decent investment. If you’re interested in signing up for Noom, check out the prices below.


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How Much Does Noom Cost?

As of June 4, the pricing for Noom is:

Monthly auto-recurring plan: $59
Two-month auto-recurring plan: $99
Four-month auto-recurring plan: $129
Six-month auto-recurring plan: $149
Eight-month auto-recurring plan: $159
Annual auto-recurring plan: $199

These prices don’t include tax. And you can see, the monthly price decreases if you commit to a longer period of time up front.

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