1 Trainer Says Adding Sliders to Lunges Will Set Your Legs and Glutes Ablaze

If you’ve ever done leg exercises (so, pretty much everyone), you’ve probably played around with some lunge variations. Lunges, after all, are great for toning your legs and, yes, even your glutes (aka booty). Forward or backward, with or without weights, they’re effective and also require you to work on your balance, which is a bonus. That’s why, after Megan Roup’s The Sculpt Society class sponsored by Propel Vitamin Boost this month, I wanted to ask her for tips on how to get the most bang for your buck with lunges.

Megan, an ACE-certified personal trainer, former dancer, and founder of weight-incorporated dance cardio class The Sculpt Society, already told POPSUGAR that doing plank variations with sliders will target your core even more. Now, she says you can add this simple piece of equipment to lunges as well to up the intensity and feel the (good!) burn in your glutes and legs. She said that by doing these moves with sliders, you’re taking “really simple, functional exercises and making them harder,” which she loves.

Ahead, check out three lunge variations Megan does with sliders that will bring the heat to your lower body. We did some of these in The Sculpt Society class and they left me sore for a few days. To make this a quick leg workout, Megan said to do eight to 12 reps of each exercise for a total of three rounds on each side. If you don’t have sliders, you can use socks or a towel. Paper plates on carpet also works. Let’s do this!


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