Exercise Doesn’t Have to Be So Ruff – Here’s How You Can Work Out With Your Dog

I like working out. I also like my dogs. But I’ve never worked out with my dogs – though my yellow Lab, George, has a tendency of plopping down on the treadmill when it’s not moving (which might be his way of telling my family that, despite his constant need for food, he knows he’s overweight). There are lots of ways to make exercise fun, and after seeing footage of dog owners doing squats, ab routines, and even Pilates with their pups, I’m convinced I should give it a try.

Ahead, check out videos of people working out with their furry friends. They use them as extra weight and probably for motivation, too. Plus, one study published this Spring found that dog owners tend to exercise more than those who don’t own dogs. Why? Because of the walks. So even if including your pup in your workout isn’t for you, perhaps think about grabbing that leash and heading around the block a bit more often. Ahead, you’ll also find an adorable “squat your dog” challenge from Class FitSugar! (Note: don’t attempt it if you’re not comfortable squatting, especially if your dog is on the heavier side like George).


Dog Doing Bottle Cap Challenge Video

This Dog Did the Bottle Cap Challenge Better Than I Ever Could, but I'm Not Even Mad

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