This Dietitian’s 3 Healthy, DIY Popsicle Recipes Will Cool, Fuel, and Rejuvenate Your Whole Body

With nutritional ingredients and some creativity, popsicles can be just as healthy as they are refreshing, and these three recipes prove it. Created by dietitian Tori Martinet, MS, RD, these sweet treats are a far cry from the plastic-wrapped, sugar-packed popsicles of our youth, but we think you’ll find them equally as delicious and satisfying on a hot Summer afternoon. Or, you know, a chilly Winter morning. Let’s be real, we’ve slurped down our share of Otter Pops in every temperature.

The recipes speak for themselves: chock-full of sweet fruit, creamy yogurt, and even a couple vegetables. One important popsicle-making tip, though: “Make sure your freezer is COLD,” said Tori, who’s also the director of wellness and nutrition at Restaurant Associates, the company behind the cafes at the Smithsonian Institutes and the Met. A warm freezer can turn your popsicles to slush and attract bacteria for food-borne illnesses. “Get a separate thermometer and make sure your freezer is set to zero degrees Fahrenheit or below, that the door seals completely, and that your freezer is not overly full,” Tori told POPSUGAR.

Keep reading to try the sweet recipes for yourself.


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