Yes, You Should Do Cardio to Burn Belly Fat – and Experts Agree That This Kind Is Best

Cardio isn’t everyone’s favorite workout, but if you want to burn fat and especially belly fat, do you need to do it? “Absolutely,” said Davon Granderson, MS, an exercise physiologist at the Northwestern Medicine Kishwaukee Health & Wellness Center. “I would say that it is necessary to include cardio into your workout routine.”

However, he cautioned that there’s just no way to pinpoint and reduce belly fat specifically. “We can’t spot reduce when it comes to our fat loss,” Davon told POPSUGAR. Cardio and workouts in general will help you lose fat from all over your body, including your belly, but you can’t target the belly area in particular. (Or your thighs, or arms, or any one spot.) “If we do programming in order bring our body fat percentage down, we’re going to start to see the difference,” Davon said, in your belly fat as well as all over your body. And to see fat-loss results, you need to think about your diet as well. Swap processed foods for whole foods, especially vegetables, work to maintain a slight caloric deficit, and limit alcohol and sugar for a start. (Here’s more on decreasing belly fat with diet.)

So, back to the original question. Yes, you should do cardio to burn belly fat – but it’s not the only workout you need.

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