Ashley Graham’s Ab Workout Will Get Your Core Tingling From Start to Finish

The more Ashley Graham shares her workouts, the more incredible moves I add to my arsenal. The supermodel’s latest workout, shared on her fitness series “Thank Bod,” is all about the abs: engaging them, strengthening them, and feeling them ache. The workout was created by her trainer Kira Stokes, who also trains celebrities like Candace Cameron Bure and Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn.

Ashley Graham’s Ab Workout

Ashley’s workout is done in two circuits. Repeat the first circuit three times through, then complete the second circuit three times. By the end, you’ll be dripping.

Circuit 1: Repeat 3 times

Plank on hands
30 seconds

Side plank on hands
30 seconds

Bird dog
10 reps on each side

Circuit 2: Repeat 3 times

Pallof press
15-20 reps on each side

Side bend crunch
20 reps on each side

Dead bug hold
10 seconds on each leg

You’ll see that Ashley (who’s currently pregnant with her first child!) does modified versions of some of the moves. If you want an extra challenge, pop up into the full versions. Keep reading to watch Ashley crush the full workout, then check out an in-depth look at each exercise.


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