Conquer Your Exercise Goals With This “Keep F*cking Going” Fitness Journal

Setting fitness goals, especially around the start of a new year, can be difficult depending on the person and what those goals are. You might not know where to start. Or, you know exactly what you want to achieve – a 5K, 50 burpees in a row, a stronger body overall – but you might need help keeping track.

You could simply make a list on your phone, in your planner, or on a sticky note by your bedroom mirror. You could also try bullet journaling, which requires some free time, creativity, and some colored pencils. If you’re not into the freestyle formula of bullet journals, you may want to consider purchasing a pre-organized journal – and we’ve got just the one for you.

We spotted this Keep F*cking Going fitness journal when we were scouring the internet curating the perfect workout-friendly gift guides. Its pages are beautifully designed, but the best part is that it involves curse words, motivational phrases like “be your own hero,” and a little bit of both (i.e. motivational phrases with curse words such as “you’re f*cking unstoppable”). After all, studies do show that swearing really can make your workout more effective. It also, from experience, can do wonders for kicking your butt into gear.

This journal is from The Gentle Notebook and features daily pages dedicated to tracking fitness progress, planning meals, logging sleep and water intake, and writing down how you’re feeling. You can use it for whatever part of your journey you need it for. If you only want to use the hydration, sleep, and exercise logs, go for it! If you’re fasting and want to log your hours, there’s a section for that, too. Making it your mission to lose weight? This journal can be used for that as well. And, there’s even a page to keep tabs on your medications and record recipes. It’s fun, functional, and pretty f*cking awesome!

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